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RF-over-Fiber Communications Kits

Cogitari has partnered with the most innovative designers and manufacturers of RF over Fiber (RFoF) technology to reduce weight, enhance security, and increase the operating capabilities of both fixed and portable communications distribution systems. Whether you need to replace bulky, problematic coax and electrical cabling with lightweight, ruggadized hybrid fiber optic cables, distribute SATCOM services inside facilities, forever solve the waveguide maintenance problem, or leverage the myriad benefits of a Cellular and WiFi Distributed Antenna System (RFoF-DAS), Cogitari and our exclusive partner, Optical Zonu, can deliver. Mission-specific tactical kits can be customized to meet your organization's exact requirements.

Media Monitoring Software

Cogitari helps you aggregate and analyze the ocean of information being offered by traditional news media outlets, social media applications, structured data repositories, and the Internet writ large. Having partnered with IntuView, a leader in data mining, text analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), Cogitari can help your organization see and understand more of the factors affecting your operations. On-premise, private cloud, and secure public cloud hosting solutions are available.


Tech Discovery and Orientation

Cogitari already owns hardware and software that could help advance the efficiency, quality, and safety of your business operations. Our Discovery Sessions give you a chance to see and use these systems, ensuring that your mission requirements can be perfectly matched to well understood capabilities and methods.

Technology Roadmapping

Cogitari's technical and operational experience is enhanced by direct working relationships with top hardware and software developers. Our Roadmapping service is designed to help you develop or choose the best solution for your current and future needs. In many cases, we can save you money with preferred rates and customized support plans available only through our industry connections.

Staff Augmentation

Whether you need the temporary support of a skilled individual or an entire task-organized workforce, Cogitari's industry reach can help you find the right person. Contact us to learn how our technical recruiting, interviewing, and candidate vetting services can position your organization for success.

Impact Assessments

Avoid the unanticipated problems that often accompany changes to business processes and tools. Cogitari's Process Optimization experts work with customer management teams and staffs to identify positive and negative consequences of your proposed organizational changes. From there, risk mitigation strategies can be developed and implemented.

Content Migration and Management Support

For organizations ready to move forward with new systems, Cogitari can recommend and even customize content management systems. This critical step in fielding any data-related solution is where Cogitari first entered the industy. Whether you need a straight forward Document Viewer, a Virtual Expert (aka "Remote SME"), Full Motion Video Sharing, or a Heads-up Inventory and Shipping Viewport, Cogitari can help.

General Consulting

From prototyping and one-off solutions to enterprise-wide technology adoption and change management, we enjoy supporting our customers' most challenging projects. And if your needs extend beyond our comfort zone, we'll tell you then try to find another firm or consultant that can address your needs.


Cogitari means to Think, Imagine, and Know. These cognitive processes are essential to the discovery and application of knowledge. And applying knowledge is what we do. We help our customers collect, organize, and visualize their data with tools and techniques that are reshaping industries like logistics, manufacturing, maintenance, tactical communications, training, and security. Across all these fields, our vendor-agnostic solution design process means that only products which truly meet your needs will be considered. Our value to you is knowledge, skill, and experience; not any specific device or technology.

The Cogitari team is comprised of operations experts and technologists with decades of experience in software engineering, data analysis, business administration, logistics, security, and intelligence. When we're not actively assisting customers evaluate and implement new solutions, we're researching and experimenting with the tools and techniques that make work happen faster and with greater precision. Our teams work both independently and in collaboration with the foremost inventors and manufacturers of rapidly evolving fields like:

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • 3D Scanning
  • Content Management
  • RF over Fiber Solutions
  • Data Aggregation and Analysis
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors
  • Business Intelligence
  • Infinite Scale Data Repositories
  • Machine Learning/AI

But before suggesting any customer buys into a new technology, we examine the human elements of their processes and workflows because, often, technology is not the best or only answer. We pride ourselves on helping customers avoid unecessary expenditures wherever non-technological solutions are available. We often find that slight changes to employee orientation and training, task sequencing, or a team's internal communications procedures can yield dramatic performance improvements.

Cogitari Systems, LLC has been certfied by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Woman-owned, Service Disabled-Veteran Owned Small Business, HUBZone (WOSB, SDVOSB, HUBZone).

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